Generic Check In

Since last we spoke, gentle listener: The weekly Askazi Myths page update has appeared. That Fox And Otter Duo have produced another episode of Unsheathed, in which they get the mysterious Kit 'Techwolf' Silver to talk a LOT more than usual. I have recieved two rejections, gotten someone's manuscript back to them with a whole… Continue reading Generic Check In

Things Found: Short Stories

'Filling Up The Void' - Richard E. Gropp - Interesting short story, primarily notable for presenting a furry protagonist and raaather adult themes in what is, ultimately, a fairly mainstream SF venue. Ending is rather telegraphed, and if you read a lot of sci fi you're not going to meet much new, but the execution's… Continue reading Things Found: Short Stories

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Document 0A-21040513

(This somewhat in-world document predates Dog Country by quite some time, so might not be fully canonical, but offers an alternative perspective on the events around the T-Bone marketplace. I sometimes enjoy making strange little artefacts!) Document 0A-21040513