Workblog for the week, part the third.

Another week, another blog totting up my work for the week. Frankly, been a lousy week for me. Consistently been getting started late. But, also consistently been getting work in on the novel, so it's not all bad. (I could blame the character I'm writing - I switched viewpoint characters around the start of the… Continue reading Workblog for the week, part the third.

Workblog for the Week, again.

So! News for the week. Biggest news is undoubtedly that my cupcake novella, Dangerous Jade, has reached release-candidate draft status and is now undergoing proofing. I can tell you about that. What I can't tell you about, just yet, is that the artist lined up to do the cover and interior illustrations has a name… Continue reading Workblog for the Week, again.

Ongoing ongoings.

*Stretches.* It's interesting how completely an activity which is only debatably 'work' can take over one's life. According to my daily work log (It's useful knowing what I did, and it's morale boosting to be able to put in big events), since the last time I wrote one of these I have: Completed the second… Continue reading Ongoing ongoings.

Generic Check In

Since last we spoke, gentle listener: The weekly Askazi Myths page update has appeared. That Fox And Otter Duo have produced another episode of Unsheathed, in which they get the mysterious Kit 'Techwolf' Silver to talk a LOT more than usual. I have recieved two rejections, gotten someone's manuscript back to them with a whole… Continue reading Generic Check In