May things get better.


I may, or may not, have had Covid. Crazy, huh?

The story goes something like this – earlier this month I developed a fever that hit me like a sledgehammer, then, thankfully, it went away. A very mild cough followed, along with some very kooky fatigue issues that haven’t entirely cleared up yet. Due to the… government efficiencies in the UK, it took several days for me to get access to a self-test which, apparently, is most accurate early on or in severe cases as the viral particles rapidly leave the nose/throat and colonize your lungs. Having self-swabbed my tonsils and the back of my nose, I can only say I’m glad lungs cannot swabbed for a home test kit. Very, very glad. The self-test later came back negative, but I’m inclined to take it as confirmation that I’m going to be okay, rather than a signal I am free to roam the streets.

Whatever I got, I got after someone I live with left the house for a few hours and had to remove their mask for a few minutes. They had a mild fever, I had a heavy one a day or so later.


Workwise, as a result of all this, I am a little behind, but, I’m done with my 4000~ish words outline that covers my series. I’m currently working on that by writing a few little snippets from really good scenes in that outline to get more of a feel for the work as a whole and let me get a feel for what I might like to change in the next iteration. Tentpole scenes, if you will. Once I’ve gotten a little more of that done, expect to see a few snippets from that in the Patreon-only feed.

I have also been reading research material – specifically Nuremberg Diary, by G.M. Gilbert. Gilbert was the prison psychiatrist at Nuremberg during the Nuremberg Trial, at which he cared for captured Nazi leaders and recorded snippets of conversations and interviews with them during the course of the trial. I figure if I’m going to include any space-Nazis, I might as well go to the source, and it’s provided some illuminating quotes.

Here’s one:

Speer’s Cell: He explained with amusement how the others were coming around now and accepting the fact he had made an assassination attempt on Hitler’s life. “It is typical of the hypocrisy of our whole system. Everybody had to pretend to be friendly to everybody else even if they were knifing each other behind their backs. I was the same as the rest in that respect. I visited Goering’s birthday party, for instance, even when I was working furiously against him because of his reckless and neglectful policies. Here they all have to pretend to be faithful to the Fuhrer and acted enraged when I made my admission; now they all act friendly again – even those who hate what I did. They haven’t the guts to stand up and tell the truth. They must pretend to be loyal to each other at the trial, even though many of them cannot stand each other. It would be a good thing if they would drop their masks and let Germany see the rottenness of the whole system.”

– Nuremberg Diary/ G.M. Gilbert

Familiar, isn’t it? I kind of wish it wasn’t familiar, but, we don’t always learn all the lessons we should from history.

Very recently some particularly scary things have been happening in the world – especially over in Minneapolis. There are a lot of things we need to keep safe from right now – Pandemics, injustice, governments failing their responsibilities to their citizens, and more. So, keep yourselves safe, treat yourselves with kindness, and as ever, thank you for all your support.

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