Mouse Cage

Mouse Cage Troy carries more secrets with him than most. A test subject for experimental surgery, a clone gengineered from modified lab mice, an addict. He tells himself that his past is behind him, but he’ll never escape his childhood in Lake North’s labs. What was done to him there, what he was made into,… Continue reading Mouse Cage

Celebrating one hundred sales: Dog Country on special for a short time!

I’m very pleased to announce that Dog Country’s just recently sold its one hundredth copy, and to celebrate, I’m very briefly making it available at a lower price. Until the end of Friday, you can buy it from and at 99 cents! If you’re a little late to the party, it’ll be on… Continue reading Celebrating one hundred sales: Dog Country on special for a short time!

Two weeks on: Dog Country & Copyright Infringement

Wow, so. Here we are, two weeks on from the launch of Dog Country, my debut novel. (See here: ) Independently publishing it has been a heck of an experience. And, y’know what? It’s done great. With 60-65~ish sales (counting people using Kindle Unlimited’s read it free on a subscription thing) it’s succeeded well… Continue reading Two weeks on: Dog Country & Copyright Infringement

Dog Country

Dog Country A crowdfunded civil war is Azerbaijan’s only hope against its murderous dictatorship. The war is Edane Estian’s only chance to find out if he’s more than what he was designed to be. He’s a clone soldier, gengineered from a dog’s DNA and hardened by a brutal training regime. He’d be perfect for the… Continue reading Dog Country

On to the next project + Cons

So. My novel Dog Country's done. Or, more accurately, it's as done as I feel like I can reasonably make it in the time available to me. In theory it's the second draft, or at least that's what I've got it numbered as, practically it's kind of a third/fourth pass. At some level I would… Continue reading On to the next project + Cons

Recent Reviews, Current Activities

Okay, so, in the interest of keeping things all updated and everything on here, since last we spoke, I've gotten some neat reviews, some walks beside the Thames, achieved a lunar landing with a slide rule and logarithm table, and stood in a queue for two and a half hours. Firstly on the reviews front,… Continue reading Recent Reviews, Current Activities