Jane, Jill and Jasie

Jane, Jill and Jasie Three short stories by Malcolm Cross Being the beautiful, exotic girl is supposed to be a bed of roses, but this bed is lined with thorns. In these three short pieces of erotica about a sisterhood of furry clones from the city of San Iadras, discover just what it means when… Continue reading Jane, Jill and Jasie

Dangerous Jade

Dangerous Jade Never trust a smiling girl when she tells you what her name is. Especially not when she's a furry, one of the exotic mass produced clones of the city of San Iadras. Is her name Jamie? Really? There are a hundred and sixty-eight girls with that exact face, and that exact voice purring… Continue reading Dangerous Jade

Dangerous Jade: First Chapter Preview

(An excerpt from my erotic romance novella, Dangerous Jade!) Dangerous Jade by Malcolm Cross (First Chapter Sneak Preview) *** 1. - What Was Your Name?, or, The Olive Thing There it was, that electric thing. That eyes meeting across the room thing, that burning racetrack going from her eyes to the pit of her gut… Continue reading Dangerous Jade: First Chapter Preview

Dangerous Jade now available for pre-order!

What takes almost a full year to bake, looks delicious, can open its jaws to a hundred and twenty degree angle, and comes for the gateway drug price of $9.95? That's right, it's Dangerous Jade, the latest and most ginger flavoured of the Cupcake novellas, which is now available for pre-order from Furplanet! The back-cover… Continue reading Dangerous Jade now available for pre-order!