Dog Country

Dog Country A crowdfunded civil war is Azerbaijan’s only hope against its murderous dictatorship. The war is Edane Estian’s only chance to find out if he’s more than what he was designed to be. He’s a clone soldier, gengineered from a dog’s DNA and hardened by a brutal training regime. He’d be perfect for the… Continue reading Dog Country

Pavlov’s House now out!

Pavlov's House, my first pro-level short story sale, was published on Strange Horizons today! Go read it! Now! Immediately! In brief, it's one of my war dog stories, and while you might think the title refers to Pavlov the physiologist and his dogs, which it does, you might be interested to know that there have… Continue reading Pavlov’s House now out!

Document 0A-21040513

(This somewhat in-world document predates Dog Country by quite some time, so might not be fully canonical, but offers an alternative perspective on the events around the T-Bone marketplace. I sometimes enjoy making strange little artefacts!) Document 0A-21040513