Revision Country + Journal Of Plague Year Out In UK!

So. Most of the previous month has been eaten up by edits on Dog Country, and I’m about twenty percent into the second second draft (it needed more than one second draft), but, annoyingly, I’ve spent a lot of that time planning out my edits rather than actually making them. Complete with a revision outline. Makes the progress feel very, very slow.

Regardless, though, whatever I wind up with for Dog Country at the end of July, I’m going to start making plans to either start marketing it or trunking it. I’m actually reasonably happy with the book, so, I’ll probably start on trying to convince an agent and/or publisher as to its merits. We’ll see how that goes.

In other exciting news, the print anthology Orbital Decay’s appearing in, The Journal of the Plague Year, is now out in the UK! I believe you can get ahold of it in the US from August 12th onwards. It’s bundled with two more works from the post apocalyptic world of the Afterblight Chronicles, a pair of nifty little novellas by C.B. Harvey and Adrian Tchaikovsky — a classic rags to riches to ultimate damnation style tale of apocalyptic mayhem in the outback, for Harvey’s Dead Kelly, and an interesting take on a near medieval siege between a militant gang made up of those who would strip the old world, against a commune of those trying to build for the future by reaching into the past, in Tchaikovsky’s Bloody Deluge. Totally worth picking up if you haven’t yet read Orbital Decay and were waiting for it to hit print, or if you like Orbital Decay and just want to see more!

(Links to paperback and kindle editions on Amazon via my author page here (UK) or here (USA) – also you can pick up it up electronically and DRM free direct from Rebellion Publishing.)

Finally, I am slowly, slowly experimenting with putting together a mailing list, mainly for the rare announcement of new material from me, but once every couple of months you’ll also get snippets from things I’m working on, bits and pieces out of my random scribbles file, details on whatever I’m working on, news about appearances, that kind of thing. You can join by sending an e-mail to , and waiting for the system to send you a confirmation e-mail with a link to click on.

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