Workblog for the week: Lazy List

On our plate this week, we discover:

  • The first review for Dangerous Jade, although it has spoilers. (You’re safe if you’ve already read the first chapter’s preview, however.)
  • They had pretty nifty steam engines in 1750, however I will be branded a steampunk for including just one in my novel.
  • I have finished off my miserable short story which I was kvetching about last week.
  • I’ve gotten a toehold onto the next scene of my novel, The Pirate’s Beard/Brocade Goat.
  • It’s really hilarious when you base not characters on your friends, but collossal airships, instead.

Coming up soon, Dangerous Jade will properly be on sale, hopefully another review or two, and a bit more good news out of the mineface where I continue to toil in the hopes of finding a book.

Also, I think I need more sleep. @.@

By foozzzball

Malcolm Cross, otherwise known as 'foozzzball', lives in London and enjoys the personal space and privacy that the city is known for. When not misdirecting tourists to nonexistant landmarks and lurking at bus stops, Malcolm enjoys writing science fiction and fantasy with a furry twist.

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