Workblog for the week: Synopsis.

Well. This week I’ve been working on synopses, and that’s the synopsis of my week!

Pitch documents are interesting things. The ones I’ve been working on this week, partly in the hopes of getting some work, partly for the practice element, involve a short ‘hooky’ synopsis, about 150 words, then a larger breakdown of the full plot, and then the first two thousand words of prose. (Not that there needs to be more than that, for now.)

It’s kind of refreshing, to work on entirely new stuff and get something coherent. Reassuring, strangely, in that I can go back and work on things I’m deeply meshed in, and have worked on for years, but without the fear that I’m going to be trapped in these settings I’ve been meddling in for so very long. It’s an odd thing, the fear that you’ll be ‘trapped’ with a particular group of characters for eternity. I’m kind of hoping that having proved otherwise to myself, I can hang out with these favourite old characters a little more in future.

Also, sadly, for the moment, (it was asked,) the ‘In the Land of the Nightmare Prince’ comic draft is not currently much of a priority for me to work on, but I do hope to pick it up again!

By foozzzball

Malcolm Cross, otherwise known as 'foozzzball', lives in London and enjoys the personal space and privacy that the city is known for. When not misdirecting tourists to nonexistant landmarks and lurking at bus stops, Malcolm enjoys writing science fiction and fantasy with a furry twist.

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