Workblog for the week: Eat, Sleep, Write, FTL.

This has been one of those welcome weeks where the main thing I did all week was write. And write and write and write. To the point where it’s slightly hard to recall what happened. I’ve been writing, reading trashy books, reading up on ridiculous warfare related items, and, as of yesterday, playing FTL.

What is FTL, you might ask? It is Faster Than Light, a newish game about commanding a starship with a fairly unique interface and concept. More like a roguelike or RPG than anything else, it is nifty and unique.

You can see a fairly good review for it here, and look into it in more detail at

Me, I think it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s one of those peskily addictive games that you love to lose at. In fact, it’s one of those games where, rather than write detailled thoughts about it, I’d rather play it.

… So I’m going to do that before I get back to work on what looks like an upcoming War Dog based novella.

See ya. >.>

By foozzzball

Malcolm Cross, otherwise known as 'foozzzball', lives in London and enjoys the personal space and privacy that the city is known for. When not misdirecting tourists to nonexistant landmarks and lurking at bus stops, Malcolm enjoys writing science fiction and fantasy with a furry twist.

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