Workblog for the week: FC? Oooh! Buy my stuff!

This is a brief Workblog for the week. I got some work done on the Brocade Goat, I got some work done on the Troy/Jen stuff I mentioned, but mainly? Mainly this weekend is Further Confusion, and people are (apparently) buying my novella, Dangerous Jade, right this moment! (Well. … Around now, anyway.)

Terribly exciting.

In case you or someone you know is at the con, the remainder of this blogpost is lifted straight from my FA account, and is basically about how GREAT Dangerous Jade is! (You can find it at the Furplanet table. Oh, and you can find a list of my stuff in print at to hunt around the dealer’s room for.)

I’m sure you’re all delighted to hear me bring up Dangerous Jade YET AGAIN…

… And I’m glad you’re delighted, because I’m delighted too! Dangerous Jade will be officially on sale for the first time this weekend at FC.

Ninety pages long, (which is about as long as ‘City Mouse’), a cover and interior illustrations by meesh, and a story I am quite pleased with. You will find it at the Furplanet table, tell them fooz sent you and nod knowingly, and chances are good they will stare at you like you’re a creepy maniac. (That’s okay. It’s a furry con. :D)

If you’re not going to FC, but know people who are, tell them that they want this novella. Why? Well, make up your own mind as to why they want it.

Here’s the back of the book blurb:


Never trust a smiling girl when she tells you what her name is. Especially not when she’s a furry, one of the exotic mass produced clones of the city of San Iadras. Is her name Jamie? Really? There are a hundred and sixty-eight girls with that exact face, and that exact voice purring out the same little lies.
Oh, she’s single. Unattached, no boyfriend to speak of, just looking for something casual and sensual and unimaginably pleasurable. Just for tonight. No strings. And her name’s Jaybird. It’s not Jaybird either? Well, it’s close. It’s Jayden. No? Does it really matter?
The truth is, Jade Dixon’s desperate to be anyone but herself. She’s out for a one-night stand, but her heart’s so broken the shards could cut her to pieces. So she’ll protect herself from those old hurts however she has to. She’ll be Jamie, she’ll be Jayden, she’ll play any game, so long as she gets one more night of ecstasy.
But Jade’s about to find out that she’s not the only one who can play games.


Further helping you to decide why you (or your FC-going friend) want to buy Dangerous Jade, we have the entire first chapter here -> (and here -> )

The cover here, via meesh ->

Or the cover here, via furplanet ->

kyell saying a nice thing about it here ->

And more nice things you can buy from furplanet at FC that were JUST RELEASED, in the event that Dangerous Jade has been sold out due to massive popularity (Please? Can we make that happen? <3) ->

And don’t worry, if you’ve missed out on this or other promotional ramblings by myself on the topic of this novella! You’re likely to hear about Dangerous Jade yet AGAIN when it goes on sale online at the end of January, when reviews come in, when I have some kind of psychological breakdown about it and have to post a lengthy screed in my journal, and when the International Thylacine League sue me for libellous claims about how thylacines are slutty.

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Malcolm Cross, otherwise known as 'foozzzball', lives in London and enjoys the personal space and privacy that the city is known for. When not misdirecting tourists to nonexistant landmarks and lurking at bus stops, Malcolm enjoys writing science fiction and fantasy with a furry twist.

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