An evening with Terry Pratchett + Tomorrow.

Well. Okay. That was extraordinarily thinglike. I've just returned from Drury Lane (or nearly Drury Lane, in any case) where 'An Evening With Terry Pratchett' was held. Theatre, packed to the brim with people, myself in the absolute nosebleed seats in the balcony back row, all staring down there as the man himself and his… Continue reading An evening with Terry Pratchett + Tomorrow.

Ongoing ongoings.

*Stretches.* It's interesting how completely an activity which is only debatably 'work' can take over one's life. According to my daily work log (It's useful knowing what I did, and it's morale boosting to be able to put in big events), since the last time I wrote one of these I have: Completed the second… Continue reading Ongoing ongoings.

Boring update about London riots.

For those wondering, I am fine, everything else is fine, it is, however, remarkably distracting and I am incapable of getting anything useful done.

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Generic Check In

Since last we spoke, gentle listener: The weekly Askazi Myths page update has appeared. That Fox And Otter Duo have produced another episode of Unsheathed, in which they get the mysterious Kit 'Techwolf' Silver to talk a LOT more than usual. I have recieved two rejections, gotten someone's manuscript back to them with a whole… Continue reading Generic Check In

Things Found: Short Stories

'Filling Up The Void' - Richard E. Gropp - Interesting short story, primarily notable for presenting a furry protagonist and raaather adult themes in what is, ultimately, a fairly mainstream SF venue. Ending is rather telegraphed, and if you read a lot of sci fi you're not going to meet much new, but the execution's… Continue reading Things Found: Short Stories

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Document 0A-21040513

(This somewhat in-world document predates Dog Country by quite some time, so might not be fully canonical, but offers an alternative perspective on the events around the T-Bone marketplace. I sometimes enjoy making strange little artefacts!) Document 0A-21040513